Harmonijoie Noel

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One of the most prevalent forms of violence in contemporary society is the victimization of intimate partners. Although it has been established that homeless young people experience high levels of victimization on the street, little is known about partner violence (PV) experiences among this group, especially bidirectional violence. As such, the purpose of(More)
In order to more fully understand the context and impact of intimate partner violence (IPV), it is important to make distinctions between different types of relationship aggression. As such, the current study longitudinally examines the differential effects of childhood, adolescent, and demographic factors on three different partner violence groups: those(More)
Using data from a panel of 459 women, we find that early parents (< 20 years old at first birth) report higher levels of depressive symptoms in young adulthood (roughly age 29) compared to later parents (first birth in their 20's) or nonparents. Early parenting is also associated with more stressors and fewer resources in young adulthood. As young adults,(More)
Understanding health insurance is central to affording and accessing health care in the United States. Efforts to support consumers in making wise purchasing decisions and using health insurance to their advantage would benefit from the development of a valid and reliable measure to assess health insurance literacy. This article reports on the development(More)
Interviews with 32 community behavioral health providers elicited perceived benefits and barriers of using electronic health records. Themes identified were (a) quality of care, (b) privacy and security, and (c) delivery of services. Benefits to quality of care were mentioned by 100% of the providers, and barriers by 59% of providers. Barriers involving(More)
three obtained information through structured surveys or interviews. The first, a post-implementation survey of psychiatric clinicians using an EHR, focused on nine benefit and barrier categories: data security, data sensitivity , data quality erosion, data quality enrichment, xenophobia, altered recording behaviors, comfort with security, efficiency, and(More)
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