Harminder Singh

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While substantial research has examined the control of information systems (IS) projects, most studies in this area have only examined how one controller manages a single group of controllees. However, many IS projects, especially enterprise systems projects (often initiated by an organization's corporate headquarters, and involving business unit users and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess and evaluate the frequency, severity and classification of drug-related problems (DRP) resulting in hospitalization in an internal medicine department of a large tertiary care hospital and to identify any patient, prescriber, drug, and system factors associated with these events. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective and descriptive(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the adverse effects of antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and its adherence in HIV-infected patients, in remote and tribal area with restricted resources. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a prospective, observational study carried out at Department of Medicine, Government Medical College, Jagdalpur. A set of questions were asked and adverse(More)
In this paper, we explore the reasons for the survival of some Internet start-ups within the framework of organizational adaptation, and propose that the performance of a firm in a fast-changing environment is related to the adaptability of its business model. Our motivation is the lack of empirical work on firm adaptation in a hyper-competitive(More)
The main objectives of this socio-technical study are to investigate the Indian farmers' biomass production capacities and their perceptions and willingness to supply their surplus biomass to fuel an envisioned biomass-based power plant in three selected Indian states: Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. For doing so, 471 farmers (about one-third(More)
BACKGROUND Controversy exists whether young patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer have a poorer prognosis. Although younger patients are more likely to have certain poor prognostic factors, prior studies have shown mixed results in terms of overall prognosis, which may be due to lack of adjustment for confounding factors. The primary objective of our(More)
BACKGROUND The Canadian province of Manitoba covers a large geographical area but only has one major urban center, Winnipeg. We sought to determine if regional differences existed in the quality of colorectal cancer care in a publicly funded health care system. METHODS This was a population-based historical cohort analysis of the treatment and outcomes of(More)