Harmeet S Khaira

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Pure squamous carcinoma of the gall bladder is a rare tumour which may present diagnostic difficulty for the histopathologist. A case presenting as a biliary-colic fistula is described and the diagnostic histological features discussed. Theories regarding aetiology and the prognosis of this rare tumour are also discussed.
OBJECTIVE As intermittent claudication (IC) infrequently progresses to limb loss many clinicians adopt a conservative approach to treatment. Recently percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) has been applied to patients with IC. If this were to become the first line treatment for IC it would have major implications in terms of hospital facilities as well(More)
Pilonidal sinus is a common disabling condition of young adults. Many different operative treatments have been suggested, the ideal treatment is, therefore, controversial. As the recurrence rate for the various procedures is similar, avoidance of a general anesthetic, minimal inpatient stay, and minimal inconvenience and time off work become important(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the prevalence and incidence of intermittent claudication, to describe the mortality associated wtih the condition, and to assess the relevance of risk factors for vascular disease. DESIGN A standard questionnaire on calf pain when walking was given in the prospective Speedwell study, and a range of risk factors were measured. The men(More)
Infection and anastomotic pseudo-aneurysm formation are the usually reported complications in the use of dacron prosthesis in arterial by-pass surgery. We report a case of true aneurysm formation in the body of a knitted dacron graft used to by-pass a symptomatic above knee occlusion of the superficial femoral artery when suitable long saphenous vein was(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the applicability of plasma D-dimer levels in the exclusion of a DVT. DESIGN Consecutive cohort of patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighty consecutive patients presenting to the radiology department with a clinical diagnosis of DVT were included. Citrated blood samples were taken from all patients before radiological investigation,(More)
OBJECTIVE The impact of any intervention on renal function is a crucial determinant of outcome. Open (OR) and endovascular (EVAR) abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair can affect renal function during the short and longer term. This study aimed to directly compare the effect of those different types of aneurysm repair during a period of 2 years. METHODS(More)
Incisional hernias develop in up to 11% of surgical abdominal wounds with a possible recurrence following repair of 44%. We describe our experience with a combined fascial and prosthetic mesh repair. Thirty-five patients (16M:19F) have been treated. The original operation was bowel related in 19 cases, gynaecological in 8, hepatopancreaticobiliary in 3(More)