Harmeet Malhotra

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The Indian Dhat syndrome is a culture-bound symptom complex. The clinical picture includes severe anxiety and hypochondriasis. The patient is preoccupied with the excessive loss of semen by nocturnal emissions. There is a fear that semen is being lost, and mixed in urine. A study was carried out to investigate the cultural basis of the Dhat syndrome. One(More)
Vignettes (Synonyms: paper cases, hypothetical case histories, fictionalized narrative case summaries, psychopathology vignettes, standardized case histories) are simulations of real events which can be used in research studies to elicit subject’s knowledge, attitudes or opinions according to how they state they would behave in the hypothetical situation(More)
Smartphone industry has been booming with phenomenal growth with the discovery of new technologies. Over the past two years, the rapid growth in smartphones and tablets usage has led to inevitable rise in targeting these devices by the attackers. Although various security mechanisms are added in the consecutive versions of Android operating system, but(More)
Five statements measuring social distance from and prejudice against the ex-mentally ill were read to 137 psychiatric patients and relatives from urban background. Their agreement and disagreement with the five statements was analysed and compared with controls from an orthopaedic clinic.Maximum social distance was found on statements about establishing(More)
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