Harmanjit Singh Hundal

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Glucose transport activity ([3H]D-glucose uptake) in liver sinusoidal membrane vesicles (SMVs) from hyperthyroid rats was significantly higher than that from euthyroid controls (2.1-times increase in V(max) with K(m) unchanged at approximately 18 mM), associated with increased GLUT2 expression. In contrast, glucose transport V(max) into SMVs from(More)
A carrier for glutamine, identified in rat muscle, has properties in terms of kinetics, ion dependence and hormone sensitivity, and effects of endotoxin and branched-chain aminoacids that point to an important function in the control of whole-body aminoacid metabolism. The existence of a link between the size of the glutamine pool in muscle and the rate of(More)
Fiberglass, developed in the late 1940s, was the first modern composite and is still the most common. It makes up about 65 per cent of all the composites produced today and is used for boat hulls, surfboards, sporting goods, swimming pool linings, building panels and car bodies. We may well be using something made of fiberglass without knowing it. Polymer(More)
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