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In this paper, based on ideas from lossy data coding and compression, we present a simple but effective technique for segmenting multivariate mixed data that are drawn from a mixture of Gaussian distributions, which are allowed to be almost degenerate. The goal is to find the optimal segmentation that minimizes the overall coding length of the segmented(More)
Recently many scientific and engineering applications have involved the challenging task of analyzing large amounts of unsorted high-dimensional data that have very complicated structures. From both geometric and statistical points of view, such unsorted data are considered mixed as different parts of the data have significantly different structures which(More)
Finding the rank of a tensor is a problem that has many applications. Unfortunately it is often very difficult to determine the rank of a given tensor. Inspired by the heuristics of convex relaxation, we consider the nuclear norm instead of the rank of a tensor. We determine the nuclear norm of various tensors of interest. Along the way, we also do a(More)
We study the left-right action of SL n × SL n on m-tuples of n × n matrices with entries in an infinite field K. We show that invariants of degree n 2 − n define the null cone. Consequently, invariants of degree ≤ n 6 generate the ring of invariants if char(K) = 0. We also prove that for m ≫ 0, invariants of degree at least n⌊ √ n + 1⌋ are required to(More)