Harley Eades

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This paper presents work in progress on a new version, for public release, of the Logical Framework with Side Conditions (LFSC), previously proposed as a proof meta-format for SMT solvers and other proof-producing systems. The paper reviews the type-theoretic approach of LFSC, presents a new input syntax which hides the type-theoretic details for better(More)
  • Peng Fu, Fu, Aaron Stump, Cesare Tinelli, Kasturi R Varadarajan, Ted Herman +10 others
  • 2016
To my mother Chen Xingzhen. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank first of all my thesis advisor, Prof. Aaron Stump. Five years ago when I applied for graduate school, I asked him for recommendation on books in logic. He suggested Girard's proofs and types to me. It is not an ordinary book in logic and it introduces me to the Girard's works on System F,(More)
Lambda encodings (such as Church encoding, Scott encoding and Parigot encoding) are methods to represent data in lambda calculus. Curry-Howard correspondence relates the formulas and proofs in intuitionistic logics to the types and programs in typed functional programming languages. Roughly speaking, Type theory (Intuitionistic Type Theory) formulates the(More)
Preface The goal of the PxTP workshop series is to bring together researchers working on proof production from automated theorem provers with potential consumers of proofs. Machine-checkable proofs have been proposed for applications like proof-carrying code and certified compilation, as well as for exchanging knowledge between different automated reasoning(More)
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