Harley Davis

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The challenge for the metaobject protocol designer is to balance the con-icting demands of eeciency, simplicity, and extensibility. It is impossible to know all desired extensions in advance; some of them will require greater functionality, while others require greater eeciency. In addition, the protocol itself must be suuciently simple that it can be fully(More)
Adding a module system to LISP enhances program security and efficiency, and help the programmer master the complexity of large systems, thus facilitating application and delivery. TALK's module system is based on a simple compilation model which takes macros into account and provides a solid basis for automatic module management tools. Higher-level(More)
A tight, transparent, and portable integration between C++ and LISP is desirable and feasible. This paper describes the C++ interface supplied with, a modern LISP dialect which extends the proposed ISLisp standard with a module system, a metaobject protocol, and an extensive set of libraries. The interface parses C++ header files and generates C++ stub(More)
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