Harley A. Haynes

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Recent developments in genomic sequencing have advanced our understanding of the mutations underlying human malignancy. Melanoma is a prototype of an aggressive, genetically heterogeneous cancer notorious for its biologic plasticity and predilection towards developing resistance to targeted therapies. Evidence is rapidly accumulating that dysregulated(More)
The cutaneous manifestations of mycosis fungoides have been successfully treated in nine patients for 16 to 28 months with oral methoxsalen and subsequent irradiation with longwave ultraviolet light. The efficacy of this therapy was confirmed in one patient, who showed complete clearing of generalized plaques after 1 month (12 treatments) except for a(More)
A considerable amount of evidence exists in support of the role of ultraviolet radiation as a major etiologic factor in human skin cancer, both melanoma and carcinoma types. On the basis of epidemiologic studies a phenotype has been described which helps to identify the persons who are more susceptible to skin cancer. In an attempt to further define this(More)
Many consider porcelain white atrophic papules as pathognomonic for malignant atrophic papulosis (MAP), or Degos' disease. During the past three decades, five patients with a collagen vascular disease have been reported to have MAP-like lesions as a manifestation of their underlying illness. We describe a patient with dermatomyositis who had porcelain-white(More)
Matrical differentiation in basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is rare. Only nine cases have been described that showed typical diagnostic features of BCC, in addition to shadow cells indicating hair-matrix differentiation. These cases often present a diagnostic challenge due to confusion with pilomatrixoma or pilomatrix carcinoma. We present a case of BCC with(More)