Harlan B. Miller

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  • Mike Demetsky, Steve Gayle, Ken Leonard, Steve Lockwood, Brinckerhoff Quade, Douglas +42 others
  • 2002
The Federal Highway Administration's Office of Operations and Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty are pleased to present this document entitled " Getting More By Working Together-Opportunities for Linking Planning and Operations. " This represents an early accomplishment of the continuing joint program between our offices to accomplish three key(More)
inspections at your Millstone Power Station Unit 2 and Unit 3. The enclosed integrated inspection report documents the inspection findings, which were discussed on January 21, 2004, with Mr. J. Alan Price and other members of your staff. The inspections examined activities conducted under your license as they relate to safety and compliance with the(More)
Throughout the early Platonic dialogues, Socrates repeatedly tells his interlocutors that if, as they claim, they truly have knowledge of some moral property, then they should be able to define the nature of that property. Invariably, the interlocutors fail to furnish him with such definitions, and he is unable to find these definitions on his own. This(More)
Systematic, well-designed research provides the most effective approach to the solution of many problems facing highway administrators and engineers. Often, highway problems are of local interest and can best be studied by highway departments individually or in cooperation with their state universities and others. However, the accelerating growth of highway(More)
After rejecting Carruthers' conflation of levels of consciousness as implausible and conceptually muddled, and Carruthers' claim that nonhumans are automata as undermined by evolutionary and ethological considerations, we develop a general criticism of contemporary philosophical approaches which, though recognizing nonhuman consciousness, still see animals(More)
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