Harjeet S. Bhabra

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_____________________________________________________________________________ We examine how the gender distribution of the board and that of the executive suite influences the firm’s choice of CEO. We find that the likelihood of a female being appointed CEO increases with the number of (i) female directors and (ii) females among the five highest-paid(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o We examine the information content of Form-4 filings following extreme market downturns in the pre and post-Sarbanes–Oxley-Act (SOX) periods. We find that the announcement period abnormal returns under extreme market conditions are larger and this effect is stronger in the more tighter disclosure rules in the post-SOX period. Insider(More)
We examine the market reaction to announcements of an intention to pursue a program of external acquisitions. Although the mean gain is positive, only firms with high Tobin's q and low leverage experience significant abnormal returns. For firms with low q or high leverage, abnormal returns are zero. Moreover, the stock price reaction is an increasing(More)
We find that the major determinants of the dividend payout premium of firms after privatization are improved firm operating performance and a prevalence of agency costs which are mitigated by higher pay-outs. We examine up to 74,562 firm-years (up to 336 privatized and 5,625 non-privatized firms) across 26 countries. The privatized firm payout premium is(More)
Quality problems that are known to the seller of a product, but will become known to the buyer only after the purchase have the potential to frustrate voluntary exchanges. Where the determination of quality after the sale is cut-and-dried, brand names and unconditional guarantees will bond contract performance. When the problem is more subtle or confounded(More)
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