Harith Humadi

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Nonequilibrium kinetic properties of alloy crystal-melt interfaces are calculated by molecular-dynamics simulations. The relationships between the interface velocity, thermodynamic driving force, and solute partition coefficient are computed and analyzed within the framework of kinetic theories accounting for solute trapping and solute drag. The results(More)
The long wavelength limit of a recent microscopic phase-field crystal (PFC) theory of a binary alloy mixture is used to derive an analytical approximation for the segregation coefficient as a function of the interface velocity, and relate it to the two-point correlation function of the liquid and the thermodynamic properties of solid and liquid phases. Our(More)
In this study we have incorporated two time scales into the phase-field-crystal model of a binary alloy to explore different solute trapping properties as a function of crystal-melt interface velocity. With only diffusive dynamics, we demonstrate that the segregation coefficient, K as a function of velocity for a binary alloy is consistent with the model of(More)
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