Harisios Boudoulas

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Symptoms suggesting autonomic instability and increased adrenergic effect were identified in 53 patients with primary disorders of impaired wakefulness. Urine and plasma catecholamine concentrations were significantly increased in patients with sleep apnea. Excessive increases in heart rate during isoproterenol infusions suggested adrenergic(More)
AIMS Studies have shown that erythrocyte membranes are present within necrotic cores in atherosclerotic plaques, and that circulating erythrocytes in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) have increased total cholesterol content (CEM). Interleukin-8 (IL-8) binds to erythrocytes and during intraplaque haemorrhage it is released into the plaque and thus(More)
Fourteen patients with an average of more than 60 episodes of upper airway obstruction during night sleep were treated with a nonsedating tricyclic antidepressant, protriptyline. Frequency and duration of recorded apneas decreased in 11 cases, and satisfactory control of sleep apnea was maintained with medical therapy alone in 8 of these 11 patients for 7(More)
In symptomatic mitral valve prolapse patients (MVP): (1) the frequency and nature of symptoms were analyzed (n = 313); (2) metabolic studies were performed (n = 20), and (3) the response to isoproterenol infusions were studied (n = 16). Chest pain is more often the initial symptom in men; palpitations are more common initially in women. Fatigue,(More)
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