Harish Sukhwani

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In this paper, we present the software reliability analysis of the flight software of a recently launched space mission. For our analysis, we use the defect reports collected during the flight software development. We find that this software was developed in multiple releases, each release spanning across all software life-cycle phases. We also find that(More)
While Blockchain network brings tremendous benefits, there are concerns whether their performance would match up with the mainstream IT systems. This paper aims to investigate whether the consensus process using Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) could be a performance bottleneck for networks with a large number of peers. We model the PBFT consensus(More)
With its simple principles to achieve parallelism and fault tolerance, the Map-reduce framework has captured wide attention, from traditional high performance computing to marketing organizations. The most popular open source implementation of this framework is Hadoop. Today, the Hadoop stack comprises of various software components including the Hadoop(More)
Accurate modeling of availability is a practical problem in today’s complex high-availability systems. But as the system gets more complex, the state-space required for accurate modeling tends to grow very fast. In order to mitigate the largeness in model generation / solution, the system model could be divided into subsystem models, and solution for(More)
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