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A new technique to segment a handwritten document into distinct lines of text is presented. Line segmentation is the first and the most critical pre-processing step for a document recognition/analysis task. The proposed algorithm starts, by obtaining an initial set of candidate lines from the piece-wise projection profile of the document. The lines traverse(More)
Signatures and handwriting have long played a role in day-today business transactions and in forensics, e.g., to authenticate documents , as evidence to establish crime or innocence, etc. The individuality of handwriting and signatures is the basis for their relevance to authenti-cation and forensics. This very individuality makes them also potentially(More)
A system for spotting words in scanned document images in three scripts, Devanagari, Ara-bic and Latin is described. Three main components of the system are a word segmenter, a shape based matcher for words and a search interface. The user gives a query which can be either a word image or text. The candidate words that are searched in the documents are(More)
In searching a large repository of scanned documents, a task of interest is that of retrieving documents from a database using a signature image as a query. This chapter presents a signature retrieval strategy using document indexing and retrieval. Indexing is done using (i) a model based on Conditional Random Fields (CRF) to label extracted segments of(More)
In searching a repository of business documents, a task of interest is that of using a query signature image to retrieve from a database, other signatures matching the query. The signature retrieval task involves a two-step process of extracting all the signatures from the documents and then performing a match on these signatures. This paper presents a(More)
Matching of partial fingerprints has important applications in both biometrics and forensics. It is well-known that the accuracy of minutiae-based matching algorithms dramatically decrease as the number of available minutiae decreases. When singular structures such as core and delta are unavailable, general ridges can be utilized. Some existing highly(More)
An algorithm and a system for searching handwritten Arabic documents to locate key words is presented. Three main components of the system are a word segmenter, a shape based matcher for words and a search interface. The user types in a query in English within a search window, the system finds the equivalent Arabic word, e.g., by dictionary look-up, locates(More)
The biometric verification task is to determine whether or not an input and a template belong to the same individual. In the context of automatic fingerprint verification the task consists of three steps: feature extraction, where features (typically minutiae) are extracted from each fingerprint, scoring, where the degree of match between the two sets of(More)