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Analyzing High Resolution Topography for Advancing the Understanding of Mass and Energy Transfer Through Landscapes: A Review
The study of mass and energy transfer across landscapes has recently evolved to comprehensive considerations acknowledging the role of biota and humans as geomorphic agents, as well as the importance of small-scale landscape features. Expand
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GeoNet: An open source software for the automatic and objective extraction of channel heads, channel network, and channel morphology from high resolution topography data
We illustrate the new capabilities and features of GeoNet, an open source software for the extraction of channel heads, channel networks, and channel morphology from high resolution topography data. Expand
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Laser vision: lidar as a transformative tool to advance critical zone science
Observation and quantification of the Earth's surface is undergoing a revolutionary change due to the increased spatial resolution and extent afforded by light detection and ranging (lidar)Expand
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Controls of climate, topography, vegetation, and lithology on drainage density extracted from high resolution topography data
Summary Mark Melton in 1957 found that climate, basin morphometry, and surficial variables control drainage density ( D d ), but differences observed between field surveyed channels and those mappedExpand
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Identifying environmental controls on the shoreline of a natural river delta
River deltas form where sediment-laden water debouches into a basin. The spatial delineation of a delta is nontrivial and yet is fundamental to systematically evaluating fluxes across its surface.Expand
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UTBiome: citizen science and campus community engagement
The University of Texas main campus is located at the heart of the city of Austin. The university campus can be used as “living” laboratory to engage students, faculty, and the public in general, inExpand
Multiresolution analysis of characteristic length scales with high-resolution topographic data
Characteristic length scales (CLS) define landscape structure and delimit geomorphic processes. Here we use multi-resolution analysis (MRA) to estimate such scales from high resolution topographicExpand
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