Harish Mittal

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Effective cost estimation is the most challenging activity in software development. Software cost estimation is not an exact science. Cost estimation process involves a series of systematic steps that provide estimate with acceptable risk. Some prevalent LOC based models are-Bailey Basili model, Alaa Model 2 [1] .Two new models, based on fuzzy logic sizing,(More)
Effective Software cost estimation is one of the most challenging and important activities in Software development. The software industry does not estimate projects well. In this paper we have represented size in KLOC as a Fuzzy number. A new model is presented using fuzzy logic to estimate effort required in software development. We use MATLAB for tuning(More)
Software maintenance is a process of modifying existing operational software while leaving its primary functions intact. Easily maintainable software saves large costs in industries. Software maintainability assessment is a major issue these days. In order to assess maintainability we consider four major aspects of software i.e., average numbers of live(More)
This paper proposes a fuzzy logic based precise approach to quantify maintenance productivity of software. Cyclomatic complexity density i.e., cyclomatic complexity per lines of code is proposed as a metric for software maintenance productivity. Triangular fuzzy numbers are used to represent cyclomatic complexity density. Fuzzy logic offers significant(More)
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