Harish J. Palanthandalam-Madapusi

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Prior results on input reconstruction for multi-input, multi-output discrete-time linear systems are extended by defining l-delay input and initial-state observ-ability. This property provides the foundation for reconstruction of both unknown inputs and unknown initial conditions, and thus is a stronger notion than l-delay left invertibility, which allows(More)
In this article, we investigate the consistency of parameter estimates obtained from least-squares identification with a quadratic parameter constraint. For generality, we consider infinite impulse-response systems with coloured input and output noise. In the case of finite data, we show that there always exists a possibly indefinite quadratic constraint(More)
—This paper considers the state-estimation problem with a constraint on the data-injection gain. Special cases of this problem include the enforcing of a linear equality constraint in the state vector, the enforcing of unbiased estimation for systems with unknown inputs, and simplification of the estimator structure for large-scale systems. Both the(More)