Harish Dureja

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The topological indices were used to encode the structureal features of cephalosporins. Both topostructural and topochemical versions of a distance based descriptor, three adjacency based descriptors and five distance-cum-adjacency based descriptors were calculated. The values of 18 indices for each cephalosporin in the dataset were computed using an(More)
Highly discriminating adjacency-cum-distance based topochemical indices termed as superaugmented eccentric connectivity topochemical indices for quantitative structure-activity and structure-property relationships (QSAR/QSPR) have been conceptualized in the present study. These indices were found to exhibit high sensitivity towards the presence and relative(More)
New-generation highly discriminating topological descriptors, termed superaugmented eccentric connectivity indices ( SA ξc), have been conceptualized in the present study. The values of SA ξc for all the possible structures of three, four, and five vertices were computed using an in-house computer program. The sensitivity to branching, discriminating power,(More)
The relationship between the topochemical indices and cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) inhibitory activity of indole-2-ones has been investigated. The relationship of topochemical versions of well known topological indices of Wiener's index--a distance-based topological descriptor, molecular connectivity index, an adjacency-based topological descriptor and(More)
Frequent failure of drug candidates during development stages remains the major deterrent for an early introduction of new drug molecules. The drug toxicity is the major cause of expensive late-stage development failures. An early identification/optimization of the most favorable molecule will naturally save considerable cost, time, human efforts and(More)
Four pendenticity based topological descriptors termed as superaugmented pendentic indices have been conceptualized in the present study. An in-house computer program was utilized to compute index values of all the possible structures (with at least one pendent vertex) containing four, five and six vertices. The sensitivity towards branching, discriminating(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective of the present investigation was to develop a novel multifunctional directly compressible co-processed excipient consisting of dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous, polyethylene glycol 4000 (PEG 4000) and crospovidone using Box-Behnken design. MATERIALS AND METHODS The technique of melt granulation was adopted for the preparation(More)
The introduction of high speed tableting machines and the preference of direct compression as a method of tableting have increased the demands on the functionality of excipients mainly in terms of flowability and compressibility. Co-processed excipients, where in, excipients are combined by virtue of sub-particle level interaction have provided an(More)
Taste masking is an important factor in the development of oral dosage forms containing bitter active pharmaceutical ingredients. Currently numerous techniques are being applied to overcome this problem. Realizing this, several researchers and pharmaceutical companies are now engaged in developing novel techniques to address the problem of taste masking(More)
Relationship between the topochemical indices and h5-HT2A receptor antagonistic activity of arylindoles has been investigated. Three topochemical indices, Wiener's topochemical index--a distance-based topochemical descriptor, molecular connectivity topochemical index--an adjacency-based topochemical descriptor and eccentric connectivity topochemical(More)