Harish Chander

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Various pathogens including Salmonella species are known to induce apoptosis in host cell types during their infection processes. However, the bacterial components capable of inducing apoptosis have not been fully understood. It is now known that in vivo expression of virulence determinants differ from the expression under in vitro conditions. Therefore, in(More)
Salmonella spp. have been shown to cause apoptosis of various host cell types as a part of their infection process. However, the induction of apoptosis remains to be looked into under the different host environments including acidic stress experienced by the pathogen. In order to simulate the in vivo acidic conditions, we studied the potential of S. typhi(More)
Salmonella faces a variety of stresses including acid and heat, in the natural environment whether in the gastrointestinal tract of mammalian host or in the external environment during transmission where survival and multiplication is a priority for the pathogen. In the present study, Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi was grown under acid (inorganic and(More)
Purpose – The purpose of the study is to explore the publication trends of the scholarly journal Library Management, and highlight its various important aspects. Design/methodology/approach – The paper presents results of bibliometric analysis of 336 articles which were published during the period 2006-2012, in the Library Management journal of Emerald.(More)
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