Haris Papageorgiou

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This paper describes the SemEval 2016 shared task on Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA), a continuation of the respective tasks of 2014 and 2015. In its third year, the task provided 19 training and 20 testing datasets for 8 languages and 7 domains, as well as a common evaluation procedure. From these datasets, 25 were for sentence-level and 14 for(More)
We studied reflexive and predictive saccades by direct current electro-oculography in nine patients with mild hemi-Parkinson's disease (hemi-PD) and in 16 age-matched controls. In five patients, the neurological syndrome was predominant on the right side of the body (RPD) and in four patients, on the left side (LPD). Reflexive saccades were elicited in(More)
We describe our submission to SemEval2016 Task 4: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter. The proposed system ranked first for the subtask B. Our system comprises of multiple independent models such as neural networks, semantic-affective models and topic modeling that are combined in a probabilistic way. The novelty of the system is the employment of a topic(More)
In this paper, we describe our submission to SemEval2017 Task 4: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter. Specifically the proposed system participated both to tweet polarity classification (two-, threeand five class) and tweet quantification (two and five-class) tasks. The submitted system is based on “Tweester” (Palogiannidi et al., 2016) that participated in last(More)
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