Haris E. Psillakis

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In this paper, a nonlinear extension of the Georgiou-Smith system is considered and robustness results are proved for a nonlinear PI controller with respect to fast parasitic first-order dynamics. More specifically, for a perturbed nonlinear system with sector bounded nonlinearity and unknown control direction, sufficient conditions for global boundedness(More)
This note examines the robustness properties of the nonlinear PI control method to ignored actuator dynamics. It is proven that global boundedness and regulation can be achieved for sector bounded non-linear systems with unknown control directions if the actuator dynamics are sufficiently fast and the nonlinear PI control gain is chosen from a subclass of(More)
The paper by Hernandez-Guzman and Santibanez is an interesting contribution to the induction motor field oriented control (FOC) literature. Standard FOC schemes can only prove local asymptotic regulation to the speed and flux references. The authors modify the classical indirect voltage-fed FOC methodology and propose the use of a saturated PI velocity(More)