Hariprasath Venkatram

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The design of a ternary successive approximation (TSAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with quantization time information utilization is proposed. The TSAR examines the transient information of a typical dynamic SAR voltage comparator to provide accuracy, speed, and power benefits. Full half-bit redundancy is shown, allowing for residue shaping which(More)
The early reset merged capacitor switching algorithm (EMCS) is proposed as an energy reducing switching technique for a binary weighted, capacitive successive approximation (SAR) analog to digital converter (ADC). The method uses the merged capacitor switching (MCS) architecture and optimizes the use of the VCM level during the SAR conversion. This(More)
This paper proposes a blind calibration algorithm for suppressing harmonic distortion in analog to digital converters (ADCs). The proposed algorithm does not need any external calibration signal and is first of its kind. The proposed algorithm relies on the properties of downsampling and orthogonality of sinusoidal signals to estimate the harmonic(More)