Harini Ramalingam

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Several organs, including the lungs and kidneys, are formed by epithelial tubes whose proper morphogenesis ensures correct function. This is best exemplified by the kidney, where defective establishment or maintenance of tubular diameter results in polycystic kidney disease, a common genetic disorder. Most polycystic kidney disease cases result from(More)
Equilibrium structural properties of solid-liquid interfaces in Cu-Ni alloys are studied by Monte-Carlo simulations employing interatomic potentials based on the embedded-atom method. We describe a thermodynamicintegration approach used to derive bulk concentrations and densities for solid and liquid phases in two-phase thermodynamic equilibrium. These(More)
Kidney collecting system development requires integrin-dependent cell-extracellular matrix interactions. Integrins are heterodimeric transmembrane receptors consisting of α and β subunits; crucial integrins in the kidney collecting system express the β1 subunit. The β1 cytoplasmic tail has two NPxY motifs that mediate functions by binding to cytoplasmic(More)
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