Harini Chakravarthy

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Here we present the Transcription Factor Encyclopedia (TFe), a new web-based compendium of mini review articles on transcription factors (TFs) that is founded on the principles of open access and collaboration. Our consortium of over 100 researchers has collectively contributed over 130 mini review articles on pertinent human, mouse and rat TFs. Notable(More)
The rapid formation of numerous tissues during development is highly dependent on the swift activation of key developmental regulators. Recent studies indicate that many key regulatory genes are repressed in embryonic stem cells (ESCs), yet poised for rapid activation due to the presence of both activating (H3K4 trimethylation) and repressive (H3K27(More)
Recent studies have identified large sets of genes in embryonic stem and embryonal carcinoma cells that are associated with the transcription factors Sox2 and Oct-3/4. Other studies have shown that Sox2 and Oct-3/4 work together cooperatively to stimulate the transcription of their own genes as well as a network of genes required for embryogenesis.(More)
There is a pressing need for new therapies to treat pancreatic cancer. In principle, this could be achieved by taking advantage of signaling pathways that are active in tumor, but not normal, cells. The work described in this study set out to determine whether the activities of three enhancers, which have been reported to be highly responsive to activated(More)
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