Harinda Fernando

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In this paper we address the problem of securing networked RFID applications. We develop and present a RFID security protocol that allows mutual authentication between the reader and tag as well as secure communication of tag data. The protocol presented uses a hybrid method to provide strong security while ensuring the resource requirements are low. To(More)
RFID technology promises to revolutionize supply chains and usher in a new era of cost savings, efficiency and business intelligence. The use of low cost RFID devices in supply chain management systems has been increasing dramatically. While a lot of research has been carried out in trying to make a completely RFID enabled global supply chain a reality(More)
Tracking Behavior Anomalies for identifying user impersonations is a field of active research. While various approaches have been used, it remains true that this process is still not deterministic or controllable enough for practical use. We present a new approach that aims to make the process of profiling behavior patterns of users deterministic by using a(More)
Data centers require vast amounts of energy for keeping the servers cool at optimal operating temperatures. Recent research has focused on improving the cooling efficiency, and thereby lowering the energy consumption, through different rack arrangements and modifying the air-flow patterns. Thus far, this has been done using computational fluid dynamics(More)
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