Harikisan R Sonawane

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In this work we report the unique electrocatalytic role of benzoic acid protected silver nanoclusters (Ag(n), mean core diameter 2.5 nm) in the Wolff rearrangement (Scheme 1) of alpha-diazoketones. More specifically, the presence of a Ag(n) (0)/Ag(n) (+) redox couple facilitates a nonclassical electron-transfer process, involving chemical reaction(s)(More)
alpha-Diazoketones possess high electric dipole moments, as a consequence of the dipolar nature of the diazocarbonyl functional group. The vectorial analysis, theoretical calculations (PM3 and ab initio), and literature reports based on experimental and theoretical calculations reveal a higher dipole moment for the Z-configuration of the diazo functional(More)
[reaction: see text] We report Wolff rearrangement of alpha-diazoketones by in situ generated silver nanoclusters (Ag(n)(), 2-4 nm) from silver(I) oxide (Ag(2)O) involving a nonclassical electron-transfer process. Our results show that Ag(n)()(+)/Ag(n)()(0) redox couple allows the initial removal of an electron from alpha-diazoketone and its back-donation(More)
In situ-generated silver nanoclusters(Ag(n)) during the reduction of either silver(I) oxide or other salts presumably catalyze the Wolff rearrangement of alpha-diazoketones. Their optical, physical, and catalytic properties depend on the starting silver(I) compound and the reaction conditions. [reaction: see text]
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