Hariharasudhan Viswanathan

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Virtualized datacenters and clouds are being increasingly considered for traditional High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads that have typically targeted Grids and conventional HPC platforms. However, maximizing energy efficiency and utilization of datacenter resources, and minimizing undesired thermal behavior while ensuring application performance and(More)
—Clouds provide the abstraction of nearly-unlimited computing resources through the elastic use of federated resource pools (virtualized datacenters). They are being increasingly considered for HPC applications, which have traditionally targeted grids and supercomputing clusters. However, maximizing energy efficiency and utilization of cloud datacenter(More)
Enabling data- and compute-intensive applications that require real-time in-the-field data collection and processing using mobile platforms is still a significant challenge due to i) the insufficient computing capabilities and unavailability of complete data on individual mobile devices and ii) the prohibitive communication cost and response time involved(More)
The Radio Access Network (RAN) is the most important part of a cellular wireless network. However, current cellular architectures have several disadvantages: they are not compatible with today's users' data-rate requests and do not leverage recent wireless enhancement techniques to achieve those data rates. Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) is a new(More)
—The heterogeneous sensing and computing capabilities of sensor nodes, mobile handhelds, as well as computing and storage servers in remote datacenters can be harnessed to enable innovative mobile applications that rely on real-time in-situ processing of data generated in the field. There is, however, uncertainty associated with the quality and quantity of(More)
Adaptive sampling and sleep scheduling can help realize the much needed resource efficiency in densely deployed autonomic sensor-based systems that monitor and reconstruct physical or environmental phenomena. This paper presents a data-centric approach to distributed adaptive sampling aimed at minimizing the communication and processing overhead in(More)
atacenters are a growing component of society's information technology (IT) infrastructure, enabling services related to health, banking, commerce , defense, education, and entertainment. Due to the rise in demand for computing and storage, energy consumption, heat generation, and cooling requirements of data-centers have become critical concerns in terms(More)
—Due to the rapid growing popularity of mobile In-ternet, broadband cellular wireless systems are expected to offer higher and higher data rates even in high-mobility environments. Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) is a new centralized paradigm for broadband wireless access that addresses efficiently the fluctuation in capacity demand through real-time(More)