Hariharan Chandrasekharan

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We explore the combined effects of phonon confinement and local heating caused by laser beam absorption on the Raman spectra of Germanium nanowires of different diameters ͑6 nm, 7 nm, and 12 nm͒. The asym-metric broadening and downshifting of the first order Raman band is studied as a function of the average wire diameter and the local temperature of the(More)
Metabolites regulate their own production by directly interacting with highly conserved regions of mRNA that are capable of forming discrete tertiary structures. Such regions of mRNA are called riboswitches. The thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP) riboswitch is the most common riboswitch in different organisms. The TPP is an essential coenzyme that is synthesized(More)
Simple Sequence Repeats or microsatellites constitute a significant portion of genomes. However the significance of SSRs in organellar genomes has not been completely understood. The availability of organelle genome sequences allow us to understand the organization of SSRs in their coding and non-coding regions. In the present study, SSRs were identified(More)
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