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The ability to recover from disasters is an important requirement for many enterprises. With enterprise-class workloads increasingly hosted on the cloud, cloud customers have come to expect disaster recovery (DR) as a necessary feature from cloud platforms. This paper identifies key challenges in providing DR as a service on enterprise cloud platforms, and(More)
Call for Papers In a society increasingly dependent on networked information systems, trusted computing plays a crucial role. Despite significant progress in trusted computing components, the issue of scalability in trusted computing and its impact on security are not well-understood. Consequently, there is a dearth of practical solutions for trusted(More)
Cloud computing provides rapid provisioning, convenient deployment, and simplified management of computing resources and applications with pay-as-you-go pricing models [1]. As more and more workloads are created on the cloud or migrated to the cloud for economic and flexibility reasons, it is important for developers, users, and service providers alike to(More)
We describe disaster protection and recovery of cloud-hosted enterprise applications both at the cloud infrastructure level and at the application level. We explore scenarios which favor one option over the other, and scenarios where a combination of both are required for effective and end-to-end protection. Through case studies grounded in the experience(More)
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