Haridutt K Desai

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Several C-8 long-chain fatty acid esters of aconitine-type norditerpenoid alkaloids namely, aconitine, delphinine, delphisine, falconerine-8-acetate, mesaconitine, and pseudaconitine bearing a C-8 acetyl group, have been prepared. Preparation was achieved by heating the alkaloids with the neat fatty acid under vacuum. All the compounds have been fully(More)
From the aerial parts of Consolida orientalis collected in Turkey, a new diterpenoid alkaloid designated as consorientaline has been isolated along with the known norditerpenoid alkaloids delsoline, delcosine, gigactonine, and takaosamine. The structure of consorientaline (1) was established by spectroscopic studies and chemical correlation with(More)
Demethylation of some aconitine-type norditerpenoid alkaloids was carried out with trimethylsilyl iodide and with HBr in glacial AcOH. Aconitine (10), cammaconine (23), delphinine (3), falconerine (18), lappaconitine (22), and talatizamine (24) afforded partially demethylated products. When methoxyl groups are present at the C-16 and C-18 positions, these(More)
From the aerial parts of Consolida scleroclada (Boiss.) Schrod. collected in Turkey, a new diterpenoid alkaloid named willipelletierine has been isolated along with the known diterpenoid alkaloids aconitine, lapaconidine, and delcosine. The structure for willipelletierine was established on the basis 1H, 13C, DEPT, homonuclear 1H COSY, HETCOR and NOESY NMR(More)
Three new hetisane-type diterpenoid alkaloids, davisinol (6), 18-benzoyldavisinol (7), and Davisin (9) have been isolated from Delphinium davisii Munz. and their structures established by detailed spectroscopic studies. Accurate 1H- and 13C-NMR assignments have been made for kobusine (8), a related hetisane-type alkaloid, and karakoline (5), a(More)
Two new norditerpenoid alkaloids, blacknine [1] and blacknidine [2], have been isolated from the whole plants of Delphinium elatum var. "black night" along with six known alkaloids. The structures of the new alkaloids 1 and 2 were derived from their spectroscopic data (1H, 13C, DEPT, COSY, HETCOR, and selective INEPT nmr experiments). The phytochemistry of(More)
Seven diterpenoid alkaloids : delcosine(1), delsoline(2), gigactonine(3), lycoctonine(4), takaosamine(5), atisine(6) and hetisinone(7) have been isolated from the aerial parts of Consolida regalis subsp. paniculata var. paniculata. The presence of compounds 1,2,5,6 and 7 in this plant has not been previously reported.
Thirteen new derivatives of norditerpenoid alkaloids, namely, 8-deacetyl-8-p-aminobenzoyldelphinine (1), 8-deacetyl-8-anthranoyldelphinine (2), 8-deacetyl-8-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamoyl)delphinine (3), 16-demethoxy-15,16-didehydro-8-p-anisoyl-14-benzoyldelpho nine (4), 6-acetylheteratisine N-oxide (6), 3,8-diacetylfalconerine (7), 8-stearoylfalconerine(More)