Haridimos Kondylakis

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Ontologies play a key role in the advent of the Semantic Web. An important problem when dealing with ontologies is the modification of an existing ontology in response to a certain need for change. This problem is a complex and multifaceted one, because it can take several different forms and includes several related subproblems, like heterogeneity(More)
Ontology evolution aims at maintaining an ontology up to date with respect to changes in the domain that it models or novel requirements of information systems that it enables. The recent industrial adoption of Semantic Web techniques, which rely on ontologies, has led to the increased importance of the ontology evolution research. Typical approaches to(More)
In this work, we describe the set of tools comprising the Data Access Infrastructure within Advancing Clinico-genomic Trials on Cancer (ACGT), a R&D Project funded in part by the European. This infrastructure aims at improving Post-genomic clinical trials by providing seamless access to integrated clinical, genetic, and image databases. A data access layer,(More)
The exponential growth of the web and the extended use of database management systems in widely distributed information systems has brought to the fore the need for seamless interconnection of diverse and large numbers of information sources. Our contribution is a system that provides a flexible approach for integrating and transparently querying multiple(More)
The evolution of ontologies is an undisputed necessity in ontology-based data integration. Yet, few research efforts have focused on addressing the need to reflect the evolution of ontologies used as global schemata onto the underlying data integration systems. In most of these approaches, when ontologies change their relations with the data sources, i.e.,(More)
The development of new techniques and the emergence of new highthroughput tools have led to a new information revolution. The amount and the diversity of the information that need to be stored and processed have led to the adoption of data integration systems in order to deal with information extraction from disparate sources. The mediation between(More)
In an epoch where shared decision making is gaining importance, a patient's commitment to and knowledge about his/her health condition is becoming more and more relevant. Health literacy is one of the most important factors in enhancing the involvement of patients in their care. Nevertheless, other factors can impair patient processing and understanding of(More)