Haricharan Ramachandra

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Internet companies like LinkedIn handle a large amount of incoming web traffic. Events generated in response to user input or actions are stored in a source database. These database events feature the typical characteristics of Big Data: high volume, high velocity and high variability. Database events are replicated to isolate source database and form a(More)
Stateless clusters such as Hadoop clusters are widely deployed to drive the business data analysis. When a cluster needs to be restarted for cluster-wide maintenance, it is desired for the administrators to choose a maintenance window that results in: (1) least disturbance to the cluster operation; and (2) maximized job processing throughput. A(More)
—Cloud Computing promises a cost-effective and administration-effective solution to the traditional needs of computing resources. While bringing efficiency to the users thanks to the shared hardware and software, the multi-tenency characteristics also bring unique challenges to the backend cloud platforms. In particular, the JVM mechanisms used by Java(More)
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