Hari Nair

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[1] The part of the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer (CRISM) for Mars investigation conducted during the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's (MRO's) primary science phase was a comprehensive investigation of past aqueous environments, structure of the planet's crust, past climate, and current meteorology. The measurements to implement this(More)
  • Crocker Liu, Pamela Moulton, Daniel C Quan, Ph D, C Liu, D C Quan +27 others
  • 2016
This study examines the common global and local factors that drive changes in revenue per available room (RevPAR) in eight major Asian cities. We find that RevPARs for these cities tended to move together until about 2009, after which the RevPARs began diverging significantly. The study tests economic variables that capture both local and global factors and(More)
  • Rick Garlick, Joyce Schlentner, Robert J Kwortnik, Jennifer Macera, Glenn Withiam, Benjamin J Patrick +19 others
  • 2015
The never-ending challenges of hotel brand management have only become more involved as the hotel industry has consolidated, competition among hotel brands has become stiffer, and consumers' expectations continue to rise. Needless to say, any brand that fails to continually evolve risks being left behind, because an experience or hotel feature that exceeds(More)
Scanning capacitance microscopy is used to characterize the electronic properties of ErAs nanoparticles embedded in GaAs pn junctions grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Voltage-dependent capacitance images reveal localized variations in subsurface electronic structure near buried ErAs nanoparticles at lateral length scales of 20-30 nm. Numerical modeling(More)
—Software development in support of the tropospheric emission spectrometer instrument ground data system has undergone many challenges due to the uniqueness of the instrument, complexity of the science, data volume, and performance requirements. In this paper, we describe the software, its development, and the way in which many of these challenges were met.
Images of surface volatiles in Mercury's polar craters acquired by the Email alerting services articles cite this article to receive free e-mail alerts when new www.gsapubs.org/cgi/alerts click Subscribe to subscribe to Geology official positions of the Society. citizenship, gender, religion, or political viewpoint. Opinions presented in this publication do(More)
We report ErAs nanoparticle-enhanced tunnel junctions grown on GaAs with low specific resistances ͑Ͻ2 ϫ 10 −4 ⍀ cm −2 ͒, approximately tenfold lower than previous reports. A reduction in specific resistance was achieved by modifying the ErAs nanoparticle morphology through the molecular beam epitaxial growth conditions, particularly lower growth(More)
We report on the integration of semimetallic ErAs nanoparticles with high optical quality GaAs-based semiconductors, grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Secondary ion mass spectrometry and photoluminescence measurements provide evidence of surface segregation and incorporation of erbium into layers grown with the erbium cell hot, despite the closed erbium(More)