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This project examines impromptu gathering of 20-30 year old urban dwellers. We examine current products in the space, and look to Voice User Interfaces to provide rich interaction in the mobile context. We summarize data from a diary study and focus groups into a set of design principles for this product space. Finally, we propose our design for Gather, a(More)
Many authors have identified the need to improve the definitions of non-active power under nonsinusoidal conditions. This paper proposes a solution where the total instantaneous power is decomposed into active and non-active components based closely on the power system properties. The new theory presented is an attempt to achieve this decomposition for the(More)
The deficiencies of present power measurement definitions and techniques in the presence of harmonics is a known problem. As a solution to this problem, a new three phase power theory, which decomposes the instantaneous power into active and non-active instantaneous power, is proposed. With good knowledge of the active/non-active power components an(More)
  • Hari Khalsa
  • 2008 13th International Conference on Harmonics…
  • 2008
Considerable research effort has been directed to the definition of measurement of electrical power mainly due to the proliferation of non-linear loads in the power system. In this paper a new single-phase definition is evaluated from the compensation point of view using two simple examples. One study uses a linear RLC load with source voltage that has(More)
One of the current major challenges in scientific modeling and simulation, in particular in the infrastructure-analysis community, is the development of techniques for efficiently and automatically coupling disparate tools that exist in separate locations on different platforms, implemented in a variety of languages and designed to be standalone. Recent(More)
The values of non-active (reactive) and total (apparent) power for three-phase systems change with choice of reference conductor. Presently, the neutral in a four-wire system and virtual neutral in three wire systems is the commonly used reference in definitions. In this paper, it is shown that this is not necessarily the optimal choice of reference. Thus,(More)
Introduction Most countries do not report national notifiable disease data in a machine-readable format. Data are often in the form of a file that contains text, tables and graphs summarizing weekly or monthly disease counts. This presents a problem when information is needed for more data intensive approaches to epidemiology, biosurveillance and public(More)
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