Hari H. P. Cohly

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Arsenical keratosis and skin cancer are among the most common health effects associated with acute and chronic exposures to arsenic. This study examines the acute and chronic dose-responses of arsenic in established human cell lines using keratinocytes (HaCaT), melanocytes (CRL1675) and dendritic cells (THP-1 + A23187). Chronic conditions were established(More)
Oxidative stress is implicated in HIV-infection. It has been suggested that plant antioxidants may offer protection from viral replication and cell death associated with oxidative stress in patients with HIV/AIDS. Because of inherent antioxidant properties of turmeric (T) and its derivatives, water-soluble extract turmerin (Tm) and lipid soluble curcumin(More)
Currently, serum is used more often than urine to detect prostate specific antigen (PSA). The need for a non-invasive test yielding similar results led us to develop a urine test that uses solar irradiated water as a reactant species. To develop this technology, seven reagents plus one control were produced by exposure of water for 40 days in sunlight to(More)
We investigated the changes in the properties of water when exposed to sunlight for 40 days. We hypothesize and prove that solar irradiation to water entraps electromagnetic radiation as potential energy, which becomes kinetic energy in various systems. It is postulated that photochemically-induced energy transfers, associated with individual spectral(More)
This study investigated gene regulation and unique gene products in both keloid (KDF) and normal (NDF) dermal fibroblasts in established cell lines. For gene regulation, NDF versus KDF were compared using Clontech's Atlas Human cDNA Expression Array while unique gene products were studied using RNA Fingerprinting Kit. RNA from each sample was converted to(More)
Ion transport enzymes may play an important role in T cell activation. This study investigates the role of turmeric and its individual components, turmerin-and curcumin-on Ca 2+ and Na/K + adenosine triphosphatases (ATPase) in the course of T cell activation. Concanavalin A (Con A) stimulated human blood mononuclear T cell proliferation paradigm was(More)
The objective of this study is to determine if arterial endothelial injury can be attenuated by local application of 80 µg/ml turmerin at the site of injury and by oral administration of the same dose. Anesthetized Lewis rats (n =12) weighing 200 ± 4.0 gms randomly were assigned to two groups. After 5 min of air drying a segment of right carotid artery, six(More)
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