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The dose from heavy ion beams has been calculated using a one-dimensional transport theory and evaluated for 670 MeV/ amu 20Ne beams in water. The result is presented so as to be applicable to arbitrary ions for which the necessary interaction data are known. The present evaluation is based on the Silberberg - Tsao fragmentation parameters augmented with(More)
In ray tracing a surface of revolution, the problem of finding the point of intersection of an arbitrary ray with the surface of revolution can be reduced to that of finding a point of intersection between two curves in a plane &#8212; the so called cut plane. In the cut plane, by using a local coordinate system (x&#8242;=x<supscrpt>2</supscrpt>,z&#8242;=z)(More)
Visualization of scalar and vector fields in the immersive environment (CAVE - Cave Automated Virtual Environment) is very important for its application to radiation shielding research at NASA Langley Research Center. In particular, a system was needed for the visualization of the earth's magnetic field and the study of south Atlantic anomaly, and for the(More)
A new technique for dimensionality reduction for a most general pattern recognition problem is presented. The method consists of identifyinig and eliminating the least desirable feature out of the original feature space. A very simple expression describing a vector representing the least desirable feature in a most general case is derived, d-divergence is(More)
Abstracr We present a new method for modeling and rendering of hair and grass type textures using simple exponential functions. We show that individual elements required for the generation of this type of texture can be defined in terms of simple exponential functions with their amplitude and shape controlled by a very small number of parameters of the(More)
We present a method for modeling and rendering various surface textures by actually defining them over the entire three dimensional space. Once this is done then any surface representable by an implicit function with texture incorporated, can be rendered. An arbitrary three dimensional texture can easily be incorporated into the implicit functional(More)
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