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First molecular identification of invasive tapeworm, Bothriocephalus acheilognathi Yamaguti, 1934 (Cestoda: Bothriocephalidea) in India.
During the helminthological survey of non-native fishes in Meerut region, UP, India, specimens of genus Bothriocephalus were collected from introduced fish green swordtail Xiphophorus helleriiExpand
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Phylogenetic analysis of the Dactylogyroides longicirrus (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) based on the 18S and ITS 1 ribosomal genes
The present study describes the molecular phylogenetic analysis of Dactylogyroides longicirrus (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) infecting the gill filaments of fish Puntius sophore from the site Guwahati,Expand
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Morphological Redescription and Molecular Characterization of Dactylogyrus Labei (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) from Catla Catla: A New Host Record in India
Abstract Morphological Redescription and Molecular Characterization of Dactylogyrus labei (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) from Catla catla: a New Host Record in India. Chiary, H. R., Chaudhary, A.,Expand
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Molecular characterization of two non-native species of Dactylogyrus (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) recovered from introduced hosts in India.
Freshwater fish from the Guwahati in River Brahmaputra, Assam, India were screened for infection with Monogenea. The recovered parasites were diagnosed by PCR and sequencing the 18S and 28S rDNAExpand
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First molecular confirmation of the Dactylogyrus anchoratus and D. vastator (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) from Carassius auratus in western India
Dactylogyrus anchoratus and Dactylogyrus vastator (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) are distributed worldwide as the most frequent ectoparasites of goldfish (Carassius auratus). This is the first report ofExpand
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Monogenean (Platyhelminthes) richness in Northeast Indian region, Assam: A component of forgotten biodiversity
This study is the first attempt, aiming to assess the diversity of monogenean species on the freshwater fishes of Northeast region, Assam, India. A total of 14 putative species of monogeneans wasExpand
Molecular Characterization of Dactylogyroides Tripathii (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) Using Long Subunit rDNA From North East Region of India
Abstract The present study describes the molecular characterization of the monogenea Dactylogyroides tripathii (Tripathi, 1959) Gussev, 1973 infecting the gill filaments of fish, Puntius ticto fromExpand
Abundance of Diseases in Food Fishes of North East Region of India With Reference To Economic Loss
Aquaculture is the fastest growing food producing sector in the world. The inland fishery resources of India have a rich production potential. North Eastern Region of the country is located betweenExpand
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