Hare Krishna Nigam

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A good amount of work has been done on degree of approximation of functions belonging to Lipα, Lip(α, r), Lip(ξ(t), r) and W (L, ξ(t)) classes using Cesàro and (generalized) Nörlund single summability methods by a number of researchers like Alexits [1], Sahney and Goel [11], Qureshi and Neha [9], Quershi [7, 8], Chandra [2], Khan [4], Leindler [5] and(More)
H. K. Nigam and Ajay Sharma Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Mody Institute of Technology and Science (Deemed University), Laxmangarh, Sikar (Rajasthan) 332311, India Correspondence should be addressed to Ajay Sharma, ajaymathematicsanand@gmail.com Received 7 November 2008; Revised 17 March 2009; Accepted 30 March 2009(More)
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