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This paper gives an overview on the possibilities and potential of dynamic vertical beamsteering in a cellular mobile radio system with focus on the interference limited macro-cell scenario. Different realization options for dynamic terminal specific downtilt adaptation at the base station (eNB) are introduced and simulated performance figures are given.(More)
— This paper gives an overview of the objectives and current research activities on interference avoidance in the EC funded research project ARTIST4G. It is the main objective of the ARTIST4G Work Package 1 (WP1), to build forward on the 3GPP LTE Release 8 baseline, proposing a novel fair mobile broadband technological framework in which to design(More)
The use of massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) techniques for communication at millimeter-Wave (mmW) frequency bands has become a key enabler to meet the data rate demands of the upcoming fifth generation (5G) cellular systems. In particular, analog and hybrid beamforming solutions are receiving increasing attention as less expensive and more(More)