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According to the National Research Council, painful work-related upper limb disorders are caused by different pathophysiological mechanisms, one of which is repetitive strain injury (RSI). Forearm pain, tenderness, and paresthesias are thought to result from a continual risk of exceeding limits of "cumulative trauma load tolerance" (CTLT, cf. NRC 2001) in(More)
Separation of concerns comes from the inspiration how scientists study and understand problems. However, do humans always think scientifically? It is time to consider the human factor in software engineering. We show first indications that our minds do not structure information in an absolutely separated and sharp way. This is done by comparing concerns(More)
Eighty students were trained on a maze-like ballboard over a series of 24 trials, while the skin impedance level was recorded from the palmar and dorsal sides of their fingers. A principal component analysis of the cross-products for the palmar and dorsal data treated separately resulted in two components for the palmar data (55% and 25% of variance) and(More)