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This in vitro study examined the effects of methylprednisolone on coagulation status. Venous blood samples were collected from 12 adult subjects including healthy volunteers and patients presenting to the emergency department and analyzed for coagulation changes using the modified recalcification time (MRT) test prior to and after the addition of(More)
ABSRTACT In this paper, an application of digital image processing and analysis techniques has been discussed, which can be useful in healthcare domain to predict some major diseases for human being. The application is an image processing system, which works on the basis of medical palmistry. The images of human palm form input to the system. Then, system(More)
The issue of hypercoagulability in acute asthmatic attacks is controversial. This may be due to lack of an appropriate test to monitor overall coagulation. Current hematologic tests do not account for the cellular fraction of blood that has procoagulant activity. Our study uses a clotting assay called the modified recalcification time test that is performed(More)
Information security has become an important issue, in the field of networking and in the emerging technologies like cloud computing. Cloud computing has become the modern alternative approach of sharing the computational resources around the globe. Though there is a hike in this trend, security of the outsourced data has become the most challenging issue.(More)
Sir,?In the Annotation column of the Lancet of the 30th September last (page 958), and in the column on Notes short comments, etc., of the same Journal for the 21st October last (page 1,175), there are some remarks on cowdung floor (washing) and plague prevention. Dr. Saldanlia who writes in the latter column makes very strange statements indeed in favour(More)
The fundamental way of disease detection in the human body using the nail image of human fingers and using the data from the image on the basis of nail colour is elaborated in this paper. In Traditional System there were doctors who could predict the diseases based on the nails but they required more time & also they got poor result. So to overcome that(More)
Sir,?Having read Captain Thurston's letter on " Formaldehyde and Flies," ns published in your recent issue, lam tempted to trive a few more remedies, which I have read of in one of the American Magazines (M^y number of the National Geographic Magazine) a. few days ago. (1) Heat a shovel or any similar article and drop thereon 20 drops of carbolic acid. The(More)
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