Hardeep Kaur

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The aim of the study was to explore experiences of practising mindfulness and how this related to living with, and managing, bipolar disorder. Qualitative methodology was used to explore the experiences of 12 people with bipolar disorder who had been practising mindfulness for at least 18 weeks. Semi-structured interviews exploring how mindfulness practice(More)
The topoisomerase III (Top3)-Rmi1 heterodimer, which catalyzes DNA single-strand passage, forms a conserved complex with the Bloom's helicase (BLM, Sgs1 in budding yeast). This complex has been proposed to regulate recombination by disassembling double Holliday junctions in a process called dissolution. Top3-Rmi1 has been suggested to act at the end of this(More)
The present study has been designed to investigate the modulatory role of dichlorobenzamil a Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchanger inhibitor in ischemic post-conditioning-induced neuroprotection in mice. Bilateral carotid artery occlusion followed by reperfusion, produced a significant rise in cerebral infarct size along with impairment of memory and motor coordination.(More)
For the treatment of malaria which affects nearly 200 million people each year and the continued exacerbation by the emergence of drug resistance to most of the available antimalarials, the "covalent bitherapy" suggests hybrid molecules to be the next-generation antimalarial drugs. In this investigation, new hybrids of 4-aminoquinoline and pyrimidine(More)
One of the most viable options to tackle the growing resistance to the antimalarial drugs such as artemisinin is to resort to synthetic drugs. The multi-target strategy involving the use of hybrid drugs has shown promise. In line with this, new hybrids of quinoline with pyrimidine have been synthesized and evaluated for their antiplasmodial activity against(More)
We identified Mte1 (Mph1-associated telomere maintenance protein 1) as a multifunctional regulator of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mph1, a member of the FANCM family of DNA motor proteins important for DNA replication fork repair and crossover suppression during homologous recombination. We show that Mte1 interacts with Mph1 and DNA species that resemble a DNA(More)
2-Aminopyrimidine based 4-aminoquinolines were synthesized using an efficacious protocol. Some of the compounds showed in vitro anti-plasmodial activity against drug-sensitive CQ(S) (3D7) and drug-resistant CQ(R) (K1) strains of Plasmodium falciparum in the nM range. In particular,(More)
In the current work authors report the development of a biosensor for the detection of cadmium and its application in milk. Bacillus badius cells were immobilized onto the nylon membranes using sol-gel approach with alcohol and TEOS. The cells were mixed with sol-gel and poured onto nylon membrane and then dried. Hydrosol-gel immobilized cells were used as(More)