Harbir Singh

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The resource-based view argues that acquisitions can build competitive advantage partially through retention of valuable human capital of the target firm. However, making commitments to retain and motivate successful top managers is a challenge when contracts are not enforceable. Investigating the conditions under which target CEOs are retained in a sample(More)
for useful comments and suggestions. Justin Mardjuki and Saba Rashid provided excellent research assistance. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by the Mack Institute for Innovation Management at The Wharton School. All errors are our own. ABSTRACT We study the phenomenon of business ecosystems in which a platform firm(More)
  • Monica M Stallings, Reaching, Nancy Rothbard, Monica Mullick Stallings, Signature Eric Bradlow, Harbir Singh +1 other
  • 2014
Up: The influence of gender, status, and relationship type on men's and women's network preferences" (2010). Publicly accessible Penn Dissertations. Paper 144. Abstract Organizational research provides evidence that men and women differ in the structure of their personal networks as well as in the rewards attained from their personal networks The potential(More)
We present two novel approaches to initiating unsuper-vised segmentation of digital images using an algorithm that utilises the concept of information theory. The first approach uses Information Gain and the second is based on the Gini Index. In the two approaches, Information Gain and the Gini Index are calculated locally, at a pixel level, resulting in a(More)
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