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Jacques Le Goff’s Presence in India: A Very Personal Tribute:
This paper pays a scholarly and personal tribute to Jacques Le Goff from the perspective of Indian historians. The introduction of the “New History” into India is traced back to its origins, showin...
Time in Abu’l Faz.l’s Historiography
History writing in medieval India was predominantly set within the framework of Islam without becoming a branch of theology. The temporal parameters were almost invariably drawn from the hijrī era,Expand
A Rationality Immersed in Religiosity: Reason and Religiosity in Abu’l Fazl’s Oeuvre
Abu’l Fazl is often invested with a dichotomy between reason and religion, grandly upholding the majesty of reason (mā’qūlāt) over received blind faith (taqlīd), drawing inspiration from variedExpand
Book Reviews
I have to confess that at times I have had my doubts about certain collections of essays by distinguished scholars, printed by a certain publisher. More often than not it would turn on the efficacyExpand
The Mughals of India
Acknowledgements.Chronology of Emperors.Introduction.1 For Conquest and Governance: Legitimacy, Religion, and Political Culture.2 Etiquette and Empire.3 The World of the Mughal Family.4 Folklore andExpand
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India: The pseudo alternative - The Sangh Parivar has furthered the colonial understanding of India's past – South Asia Citizens Web
he Sangh Parivar's claims to being the true repository of Indian history and culture become louder every time it wields political power. It announces purging history of all the impurities that…