Harald van Lintel

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Using the concept of insulator-based "electrodeless" dielectrophoresis, we present a novel geometry for shaping electric fields to achieve lateral deviation of particles in liquid flows. The field is generated by lateral planar metal electrodes and is guided along access channels to the active area in the main channel. The equipotential surfaces at the(More)
We present a simple pneumatic setup for easy and precise control of pairs of inlet flows for lab on a chip applications. Moving fluids in microchannels is at the heart of microfluidic applications. Apart from capillary effects, there are currently three main techniques that are used to generate liquid flow in micro-channels: electro-osmotic flow (EOF),(More)
We present a compact portable biosensor to measure arsenic As(III) concentrations in water using Escherichia coli bioreporter cells. Escherichia coli expresses green fluorescent protein in a linearly dependent manner as a function of the arsenic concentration (between 0 and 100 μg/L). The device accommodates a small polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic chip(More)
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