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The DOLLI project was a large-scale educational student project course with a real customer, offered to students in their second year. In the time frame of a single semester a functional system was developed and delivered to the customer. We experimented with a shift from a traditional life-cycle to an agile process during the project, and used video(More)
Historical records provide direct information about the climatic impact on society. Especially great natural disasters such as river floods have been for long attracting the attention of humankind. Time series for flood development on the Rhine branches Waal, Nederrijn/Lek and IJssel in the Dutch Rhine Delta are presented in this paper. In the case of the(More)
Communication is one of the big challenges in system development. But it requires all involved stakeholders to have a common understanding to be successful. A means to achieve such a common understanding are system demonstrations, but they can only be given once the required functionality has been implemented. We want to bring system demonstrations as(More)
In today's software-intensive system development, negotia- tion between customer and supplier of required functional- ity is typically text-based. While text may be expressive enough to describe simple interactions between end-users and systems, it is severely limited when trying to unambi- guously describe complex interactions. Those potentially involve a(More)
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