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CryENGINE 2 is the most recent version of Crytek's multi-platform game development middleware, which first came to public notice when it was used in their initial award-winning title, Far Cry for the PC. It represents the fruits of three additional years of research and development effort since the release of CryENGINE 1 – research that is creating the most(More)
Measurements of ventilation and of inspired gas composition were made while volunteers breathed a non-anaesthetic gas through a Bain anaesthetic system. It was found that rebreathing occurred when the fresh gas flow was between two-and-a-half and three times the minute volume. Fresh gas flows at least three times the minute volume appear to be necessary to(More)
Assessment and appraisal of those in specialist train-learning process for repetitive skills and uniform performance whereas education develops an ack-ing are currently subjects of prolonged debate in the United Kingdom. Many of those responsible for edu-nowledgement and understanding of complexity and uncertainty [4]. cation and training in anaesthesia(More)
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