Harald Potter

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RF-MEMS technology is emerging as a key enabling solution to address demanding requirements that upcoming 5G standards pose upon passive devices and networks. In this letter, we demonstrate experimentally-to the best of our knowledge, for the first time-, RF-MEMS 2-state basic attenuator modules, from nearly dc up to 110 GHz. Physical samples are realized(More)
In this letter, we present and test-to the best of our knowledge, for the first time-, an 8-bit (256-state) reconfigurable RF-MEMS attenuator, from 10 MHz up to 110 GHz, realized in the CMM-FBK technology. Resistive loads, in series and shunt configuration, are selectively inserted on the RF line by means of electrostatic MEMS ohmic switches. The network(More)
After fluctuating expectations and disillusionments, RF-MEMS technology is starting to make its way into market applications. To this regard, the upcoming field of 5G seems to be the fitting application area for such a technology to fully express its potential. In this work, we present an RF-MEMS basic 2-state attenuator module, simulated and measured up to(More)
Silicon interposer technology with through-silicon-vias will play a significant role in the development of future 2.5D systems. Furthermore, such systems will have high density and real-time computing requirements, leading to smaller sizes and higher bit-rates. In this paper, through-silicon-via structures in normal resistivity silicon with 3 different(More)
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