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The automotive industry is at the verve to deploy computer systems not only for safety-related and comfort functionality, but for safety-critical by-wire systems. In the scope of the PEGASUS project a car will be equipped with time-triggered technology in order to provide not only superior car dynamics but also investigate system design and integration on(More)
In the context of distributed real-time systems as deployed in the avionic and the automotive domain a substantial number of system malfunctions result from connector faults. For instance, a middle class car has more than 40 electronic control units (ECUs) interconnected by a heterogenous network infrastructure consisting of hundreds of wires and(More)
This paper deploys end-to-end message checksums for error detection in the Time-Triggered System-on-Chip Architecture (TTSoCA). The end-to-end checksums are not only checked at the end, but also intermediately in the communication subsystem of the System-on-Chips (SoCs) concurrently with the message transmission in order to isolate faults: if a message(More)
Dual polarization is becoming the standard for new weather radar systems. In contrast to conventional weather radars, where the reflectivity is measured in one polarization plane only, a dual polarization radar provides transmission in either horizontal, vertical, or both polarizations while receiving both the horizontal and vertical channels(More)
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